Was Shehnaaz Gill by Sidharth Shukla during his death?

Shehnaaz is in a huge shock, and can’t believe that the actor is no more

The unexpected death of the Bigg Boss 13’s winner,   Sidharth Shukla, has shocked the whole television and movie industry.
The actor found his rumoured lover Shehnaaz Gill on the reality programme and formed an everlasting relationship with her even after the show ended.

So it appears that their relationship was definitely an eternal one , according the media outlet ETimes TV, Sidharth Shukla took his last breath in the arms of Shehnaaz Gill.
According to Times of India, those who were close to the actor and those who met Sidharth Shukla’s family at his house to express their sympathies, Shehnaaz is in disbelief and is unable to accept the truth that he is no longer alive.

As per The Times of India, the actor, who died of a cardiac arrest on September 2, had reported of discomfort hours prior to his demise. When the actor returned home at approximately 9:30 p.m., following which he began to feel uncomfortable.
Actor’s mother as well as Shehnaaz were both present at the moment. They first offered him nimbu paani (lemonade) and then ice cream, in order to make him feel better, Nonetheless, it didn’t work. Sidharth’s kept complaining about uneasiness, and his mother and Shehnaaz advised him to rest. Sidharth, on the other hand, was unable to sleep and begged Shehnaaz to accompany him and pat his back.

Sidharth fell asleep in Shehnaaz’s lap at about 1:30 a.m., following which, the latter gradually drifted away.

As per TOI, Shehnaaz to dozed off to sleep, and when she awoke around 7 a.m., she found Sidharth asleep in the same posture with no movement, and then when she tried to wake him up, he did not respond. Shehnaaz felt terrified and dashed from the 12th to the 5th floor, where his family resided. She told Sidharth’s sister about the same, and they contacted their family physician, who notified them that Sidharth had expired.

According to the report, Shehnaaz is deeply touched by the untimely death of the Dil se Dil Tak actor. Shehnaaz was very attached to Sidharth and openly expressed her feelings for him. She never backed away from expressing her care and affection for him.

Following BB 13, their couple was adored by fans, who affectionately called them ‘Sidnaaz’.
The alleged pair was lately seen in two episodes, Bigg Boss OTT as well as Dance Deewane 3.


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