Sherlyn Chopra interrogated for 8 hours in Raj Kundra’s controversial case

Sherlyn was questioned on various aspects by the police and says, she wants justice for all the victims in the scam

There appears to be no solution in sight for Raj Kundra’s troubles, which are coming at him consecutively. Post  being detained for his engagement in the Hotshots application, model Gehana Vasisth, as well as his lawyer and spouse Shilpa Shetty, argue that the content on the app is erotic rather than porn (for the hard of thinking, there’s a huge difference), Mumbai Police nowadays has started to question Sherlyn Chopra for 8 hours in Raj Kundra’s pornographic material controversy, and the longtime Playboy playmate has come out.

Sherlyn Chopra told the reporters during a press briefing, “A few days ago, the investigation team of the property cell delivered a summons under section 160 CRPC.  I came before the authorities today, and they requested me to disclose information on Armsprime media and Raj Kundra. I followed through on my request. I arrived at 11: 30 a.m. this morning (6th August), and the questioning has been ongoing ever since. They inquired regarding my contract with Armsprime and the contract’s terms and conditions. They further inquired as to how many films I made with them and who was involved in the content creation.”

“They also asked, ‘Raj Kundra k sath mere kaise sambandh the (what’s your relation like with Raj Kundra)’ and what about the numerous different firms run by him, do you have any details about them?” she added, explaining on how she was interrogated about her engagement with Raj Kundra and her pursuit of justice for all his accusers. ” The entire day was devoted to disseminating the information. I also asked if there were any more inquiries, since I want justice for all the ladies and performers who have been sufferers of this pornographic scam. The cops from the property cell informed me that this is not a revenge against anyone, but that we are looking to break this pornographic network. So, I’d like to urge us all through your platform (media/news) that if anybody has any knowledge about this scam, please come forward as well as disclose it with the authorities.”

Highlighting how she told officers all about what she alleged Shilpa Shetty’s husband did to her while also used the occasion to criticize Rakhi Sawant for her previous remarks about the issue. “I told investigators what occurred to me, with the dates and times,” Sherlyn Chopra said. ” Everything is mentioned over WhatsApp, alongside dates and times. I handed them the WhatsApp conversations, agreements, and copies of the statements I’d given to the Maharashtra Cyber Cell. In April 2021, I filed a report against Raj Kundra at the Juhu police station, and they inquired as to the nature of the allegation. I’ve given them all of this information.”

On Thursday, August 6th, a Mumbai Sessions Court stated that it will hear the bail applications of Raj Kundra and his professional colleague, Ryan Thorp, on August 10th.

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