Shershaah actress Kiara Advani is related to veteran actors Ashok Kumar and Saeed Jaffrey. Here’s how

Kiara is the step-great-granddaughter of Bollywood legend Ashok Kumar

The Bollywood actress Kiara Advani is just a few days away from the release of her new film Shershaah in which she will be seen playing the challenging character of Dimple Cheema, the girlfriend of the late Captain Vikram Batra. The movie is likely to focus on Sidharth Malhotra, who will be seen in the titular role, Kiara will be seen in an emotionally charged role as Dimple, who never married after Vikram’s death.

In a short period, Kiara has proven to be quite a performer. There has been a lot of talk about the professional life of the actress and very few people knew about her personal life which is also quite interesting. The family tree of the actress is connected to the film industry. The actress has a connection with late veteran Ashok Kumar and Saeed Jaffrey. She is the step great-granddaughter of Ashok Kumar while she is a grand-niece of Saeed Jaffrey.

Explaining the family tree in detail, one of the daughters of Ashok Kumar, Bharati Ganguly got married to Hameed Jaffrey, brother of the actor Saeed Jaffrey, which is his second marriage. With this, Bharati also acquired two step-daughters, Geneviève and Shaheen, who were Hameed’s daughters by his first wife Valerie Salway who is reported to be a British woman. Later, Geneviève married a Sindhi businessman named Jagdeep Advani and their daughter is Kiara Advani. Although Kiara has no blood relationship with Ashok Kumar, she is related to him in her family tree.

On the work front, apart from Shershaah Kiara Advani has Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 with Kartik Aryan.

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