Shershaah’s writer Sandeep Shrivastava confirms the fact about Vikram Batra cutting his thumb, Dimple Cheema proved it

Sandeep said that in the beginning, he thought that the sindoor incident was “cooked up”

Sandeep Shrivastava, the film’s screenwriter, says he was certain that he will never show chest-thumping patriotism in Shershaah. “There was no necessity for hyper-nationalism in this place,” he argues. Srivastava, whose current effort has received much praise, feels Shershaah’s “honest narrative” is to blame for the favourable response.

The movie recieved an IMDb ratings of 8.9, Shershaah, which was published on Amazon Prime Video on August 12, it went on to become the most viewed movie on the streaming site in India. This wartime film revolves around the true story of Captain Vikram Batra (PVC) at the time of Kargil War, and it stars Sidharth Malhotra as the lead character and Kiara Advani in the role of Captain Batra’s beloved, Dimple Cheema.

In a conversation with one of the media outlets the writer said that since the time the scripting of the film began., Sidharth Malhorta put in a lot of efforts and transformed to portray the role on screen.

Shrivastava said that the research for the film began in 2017 itself under the banner of KJo productions. Initially the research started with contacting Vikram’s colleagues in army but this time through the film and script they wanted to show the real life of Vikrim Batra, “the man behind the uniform,” he said. Post that, the research began on his private life and all that’s narrated in the film is real and truly happened!

He further said that the movie has been created while keeping in mind what Captain did during the wartime and also focusing on his love aspect with Dimple Cheema.

He adds that the thumb cutting scene was “cooked up” but post confirming it from the lady herself the scene was balanced by adding phrases like ” “kinna filmy banda mila hai mainu (my boyfriend is so filmy).”

Shrivastava said that the movie was made for a theatrical audio visual experience, and had it released in the theatres the impact would be even better!

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