Sonu Sood feels grateful, about his parents passing away before the pandemic

Sonu Sood told a media channel about why he feels grateful about his parents passing away before the pandemic.

Sonu Sood who is working relentlessly, for helping the ones in need amid the pandemic, talked to a media channel recently. Talking about the catastrophe that the pandemic has created he told the media channel, how he is grateful that his parents passed away before the pandemic. He said he would have been broken if they would have been alive at this time, and he too had to plead for beds for them.

Sonu Sood’s mother passed away on 13th October 2007. On her death anniversary in 2020, the actor remembered her with an instagram post. He posted her mother’s picture with the caption “13years ago on the same day, 13th October.. when life slipped from my hands.

His father passed away on 7th February around 2016, remembering him in 2019, he posted pictures with his father with an emotional note which read ” 7th feb.. The date I don’t wanna remember but the date I will never forget ! It’s been 3 years dad.. life has never been the same. The vacuum that you left in our lives will never be filled . We miss you everyday, every minute ,every second. My hands shiver when i write this, my heart sinks when I realise I will never see you again. Just wanna thank u dad for teaching us the lessons of our lives, for inspiring us to be helpful to others. We can never be like you but will try to follow your foot steps. Stay happy where ever you are papa. Will miss u always…till I see u someday. Love u dad.”

He also elaborated on the types of calls he gets about the requests related to resources. He also expressed his helplessness over not being able to help a few people. He furether told how he feels when he is able to help people.

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