Sonu Sood is quite “impressed” by the work done by IT department

Sonu opened up his due diligence in interacting with the television channel, saying that every gift will eventually be used to help those in need. He claimed that the money from his brand agreements and support programmes he is encouraging to utilise for humanitarian purposes is the stored money in his bank account.He also claimed that, as part of his duty, he submitted “whatever documentation” IT officials requested and answered their questions.

Called it a process, he added that even those who carried out the raids were impressed by his detailed paperwork as he said that they still provided more documents to the agency, and added that they agree that Sonu has done a ‘good work.’ “Have you ever seen such documentation, details and paperwork, I asked them?” he said. They said no, they too were happy with anything they saw.

They said four days of raids were the smoothest for them.”He claimed that money would be directly sent to its beneficiaries, when discussing the alleged illegal foreign cash transfer to its bank account. “It won’t take even 18 hours to complete 18 crores, he added. But I must ensure that every penny is correctly used for an authentic and needy person.” Meanwhile, Sonu Sood also disclosed the Rajya Sabha seat offer twice after COVID! However, he did not want to join politics the same way.

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