South actresses and their irrational fears; know about Taapsee Pannu and others

Here’s a list of 6 south actresses who have irrational fears or phobias of different things.

We all have our own fears that we try to overcome in life. However, some irrational fears that are psychological stay with us for life. Phobias are something that disturb us despite the fact we know ore rational deep within. Psychology explains various types of Phobias which can cause us a heavy mental strain when put into certain situations. Here is a list of 6 south actresses including Taapsee Pannu, Tamannaah and others who suffer form certain general phobias.

#1 Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee has an irrational but triggering fear of watching horror films. She cannot bear the sound effect that paranormal activity which is being shown on-screen and hence avoids watching it. Taapsee’s fears horror films to a different level as it is often said that despite having worked on the horror film, Kanchana, Taapsee refused to watch it.

#2 Kajal Aggarwal

This actress of the south suffers from Ornithophobia which is an irrational fear of birds. Kajal has worked of several films in Tollywood  including Maari where is has been spotted holding a pigeon in her hands. The scene tells us that Kajal has tried to work on her fear a bit for the sake of the film.

#3 Trisha

Like Taapsee, even Trisha fears watching horror film. While speaking on an interview, Trisha said that she wouldn’t mind watching any film genre but for horror. However, Trisha has tried to face her fear in view of overcoming it by watching two horror films she had said.

#4 Shriya Saran

The south actress who had made her debut in Bollywood in the Ajay Devgan starrer thriller film, Drishyam, has a phobia too. Shriya has a phobia of crowded spaces or places where there is a gathering of a lot of people. Scientifically, the phobia is termed as Aphenphosmphobia. Due to this condition of hers, the actress avoids any gatherings or crowded spaces.

#5 Tamannaah Bhatia

The beauty of the film Baahubali, Tamannah fears heights. Known as acrophobia, the fear of heights gives a person immense amount of anxiety and discomfort after a certain level above the ground. However, in an interview, Tamannaah revealed that she has tried working on her fear to perform a stunt that she was assigned on the sets of Baahubali.

#6 Hanshika Motwani

Hanshika is known to be the one actress trying to avoid lip-locking scenes in her films due to her phobia of infectious bacteria. The actress suffers from bacteriophobia and fears the transmission of harmful bacteria through oral contact.


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