SSR’s vision of Shah Rukh Khan as more than his inspiration and guide

Late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput has told sources that he always considered Shah Rukh as his mentor and an inspiration in life.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sushant Singh Rajput had spoken about his journey from a student of engineering to becoming a loved actor. He mentioned how Shah Rukh Khan had played an inspirational role in his journey. Hailing from a middle class household, just like Shah Rukh, Sushant could relate to Shah’s journey of becoming an actor. Moreover, Sushant was deeply inspired by the iconic role of Raj played by Shah Rukh in DDLJ which opened up his horizons and stimulated his dreams towards a life in Bollywood. Sushant gives credit to Shah Rukh for helping him decide what he really had to do in life.

“This was in the early ’90s and the economy was just opening up – we were seeing Coke cans for the first time, international brands were coming in, and I was fascinated…yet confused. I didn’t know whether to embrace the West or be loyal to our culture. At this point came DDLJ, I was in Class VI, and Raj showed me that it was cool to have a beer, but then he also waited for Simran’s dad’s approval. There was a balance. It was the perfect marriage of an aspiring India and an India trying to hold on to its culture,” This was what Sushant had to say about Shah Rukh and his iconic character.

Bollywood lost Sushant, a fine actor and a wonderful person in an alleged case of suicide and drugs last year. As we draw closer to his first death anniversary, his interview, films and speeches are a source of nostalgia.


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