Sushant Singh Rajput top ranks the Times Most Desirable Men 2020

Late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput has ranked a premiere among the 50 desirable men of 2020.

An online poll based on a vote cast system functions to shortlist the Top 50 desirable men in various walks of life and is powered by the Times Of India. Late actor, Sushant Singh Rajput has topped the list for 2020 with his charming personality and flawless on-screen performances. Sushant had managed to gain a great fandom for himself who is still mourning the loss of the actor. The top 50 list serves to look for men considered ‘desirable’ not just in a fancy, glamorous light but also as icons of philosophical, intellectual and physical potential mindscapes. And Sushant has aced it all to take a position at the top of the list; a place among several other deserving candidates.

Sushant has been admired by several actors and personalities of Bollywood for his well-read nature. He was known to have the mind of an astronomer, philosopher and the creativity of an artist. He very well knew to read between the lines of the script and bring out the most of his inner potential in his debuts. Renowned personalities of the industry call him an exceptionally talented actor looking out for something inside the industry desperately. On his death, even his school gave him a tribute by saying that he isn’t dead but still lives within us.


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