Sushmita Sen Reveals how Aarya Changed her Life on ‘Many Levels’ Ahead Of Season 2’s Release

Sushmita Sen on ‘Aarya 2’: ‘I think Aarya changed my life on many levels’

Ahead of Aarya 2 release, actress Sushmita Sen who portrays the main role in the series, as of late in an interview, Sushmita opened up on the impact that Aarya has had on her life.

Sushmita shared, “I feel prior to Aarya, I was kind of an actor, on the personal front also, I faced quite a lot of challenges, and a challenging 5 years period at the end of it. I felt like the Universe had to reward me because I’ve worked so hard to get there! And I can call Aarya that reward! It came at the right time, not just on a professional level”

She added, “Playing Aarya has been a worthy experience and to do so successfully, showcasing the relationship of a mother and of a woman who can hold the family together, even if the family belongs to the underworld and Drug Mafia, you glue it all together. I think Aarya changed my life on many levels. It was an exciting and lovely series as an actor to be a part of. I think it was an all-round experience which has changed my life for the better, for sure.”

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