Sushmita Sen’s daughter, Renee opens up about her ‘real mother’

Renee, on being asked about whether she wanted to know who her real mother is, she disclosed her emotions.

The actress and former beauty queen Sushmita Sen’s daughter Renee Sen, on being asked if she has ever felt the need to know who her ‘real mother’ is, has taken a lead and spoken out what she feels.

For those who don’t know, Renee and her younger sister, Alisah, were adopted by Sushmita.
Everyone saw Renee Sen make her debut in acting with Suttabaazi, a short film. In a latest interview, she disclosed that very soon her “major Bollywood debut” take place.
When the Renee was asked if discussions regarding questions related to her adoption crossed the line, she said to a media outlet, “You know, on my Instagram, I was asked, ‘Who is your actual mother?’ I just want to say, ‘Please define real mother.’ What exactly is a ‘real parent?'”

She went on, “I understand that people are curious in our lifestyle and what we eat. It’s fine, but I believe people should be gentler to one another. My reality is extremely transparent and honest. But what if it’s someone else and not me? We have no idea how can a question affect a person.  So, I believe we should be more sensitive. It’s different for me since I’ve grown up with it… It makes no difference to me. But we never know how one’s inquiry might affect someone else who wishes to keep their stuff private. Instead of asking, we should rather wait for the person to tell it themselves.”

Renee, whom Sushmita adopted in the year 2000, was questioned by a fan in an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram earlier this year, “Do you know who your real mother is? I’m just curious. Sus mom is fantastic, as we all know.” Renee responded by writing, “I was born to my mother’s heart. This is as real as it gets.”

Sushmita previously said in an interview with Rajeev Masand told that when her daughter Renee turned 16, she offered to find her biological parents. She further said, “We don’t know if the court knows the identities of her biological parents, but there is information in an envelope that is only properly hers once she reaches 18.  I didn’t want to offer her incorrect information since I didn’t want her to go there and break her heart. ‘I’ll take you whenever you’re ready… we have to go,’ I assured her. ‘ But why do you want me to go find out?’ she said.”
As per the sources, as soon as Renee turned 18, she informed Sushmita that she didn’t want to know anything related to who her real parents were.


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