The Matrix Resurrections: Fans ask ‘where is Priyanka Chopra’ as she shares new poster of the movie

Priyanka Chopra is missing from new Matrix Resurrections poster, disappointed fans ask ‘where is she?’

Priyanka Chopra didn’t make it to the new The Matrix Resurrections poster and it has left her fans disappointed. On Wednesday, Priyanka took to Instagram and shared a new poster of the movie.

While Keanu Reeves was displayed in his Neo character and the tagline ‘Return to the source’ was uncovered, Priyanka Chopra was missing. Step back into the Matrix with this new sneak peek for The Matrix Resurrections. Get ready to watch it in theaters and on HBO Max this Christmas. #TheMatrix @thematrixmovie,” read Priyanka’s caption.

Fans took to the comment area and shared their disappointment over her being missing. “Where are you in the poster?” asked a couple of fans. “Ye toh dikhi nahi rahi hai (Priyanka is not even seen in the poster),” added another.

Other than Keanu and Priyanka, The Matrix Resurrections likewise features Jada Pinkett Smith repeating her character of Niobe, and actors such as  Christina Ricci, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff and Neil Patrick Harris will be a couple of new additions to the cast.

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