“The world would be a better place soon,” Gurmeet Choudhary spreads hope through his Instagram video

Gurmeet Choudhary has taken to his Instagram to ignite hope among his fans through his glamourous video.

The flames of the pandemic were powerful enough to destruct the patience, faith and hope of the people. People have been mentally and spiritually drained and are turning to entertainment to seek mental peace. Amidst such a helpless situation, television actor Gurmeet Choudhary has posted a video on his Instagram which is a source of a ray of light in the middle of a dark room.

Gurmeet’s video is a vibrant, picturesque scene of him heading out of a luxury car. He is dressed in a black suite with an attractive bow tie that brings out his attire which is fitted well with a plain white shirt. His look of a gentlemen, with his hair gelled up and sunglasses over his eyes, is a perfect tonic to bring a smile of one’s face. Gurmeet’s irresistible personality which is backed by the slow motion effect of the video is a metaphorical representation to his comment. His comment describes the video to be something that ignites hope and his wish for normalcy. The caption went like, “Reminding myself that the world will be a better place soo.”

Fans are lauding the actors post with their hearts and comments and they feel warm by looking at the post. In his previous posts, Gurmeet has taken a step towards helping the aspiring IAS officers by building up tailor-made batches to empower them.

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