‘Their upbringing is good’: Shatrughan Sinha says Sonakshi, Luv-Kush have never been associated with narcotics

Shatrughan Sinha says Sonakshi Sinha, Luv-Kush don’t do drugs: ‘Their upbringing is good’

Shatrughan Sinha said that his children, daughter Sonakshi Sinha, and sons Luv Sinha and Kush Sinha, don’t have vices such as drugs. He additionally discussed the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in a drug case.

In a meeting, Shatrughan brought up questions about the way in which Aryan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) recently. He proposed that the arrest was done either to distract from issues or to settle scores with Shah Rukh.

While speaking to NDTV India, he said, “Chunauti ho ya na ho, aisa zaroor hona chahiye. Mera shuru se maanna hai, main toh preach aur practice karta hoon, anti-tobacco campaign karta hoon. Main humesha kehta hoon, ‘say no to drugs and shun tobacco’ (Whether it is challenging or not, they must guide their children. I practice what I preach, I am a part of anti-tobacco campaigns. I always say, ‘say no to drugs and shun tobacco’).”

“Aaj main iss maamle mein bhagyashaali samajhta hoon ki mere bachche hai, Luv-Kush aur meri beti Sonakshi, main inn bachchon ke baare mein bohot fakhr se keh sakta hoon ki inki upbringing itni achchi hui hai ki inko kisi kism ki aisi koi habit ya aise maamle mein na unko kabhi suna hai, na dekha hai, na paaya hai na woh karte hai aisi koi harkat (I consider myself lucky that my children – Luv, Kush and Sonakshi… I can proudly say that their upbringing is so good that they don’t have any such habit. I have never heard them being associated with or seen them doing such things),” he added.

Shatrughan added that parents should take care that their kids are not lonely, getting into some unacceptable groups, or creating vices. He said that they ought to basically have one meal with their children.

Shatrughan said that while Aryan should not be forgiven in light of the fact that he is Shah Rukh’s son, nobody has the privilege to target him since he is the sort of person he is all things considered. “Justice hona chahiye aur aaj wohi hua (There should be justice and that is what has happened today),” he said, referring to Aryan getting bail in the case.

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