Throwback: when Sonakshi Sinha said bond with Salman Khan is more than a co-star

Sonakshi Sinha once opened about her bond with Salman Khan.

Sonakshi Sinha once talked to IANS about her bond with Salman Khan. She said My bond with him goes beyond a professional relationship of co-actors. I knew him before I started acting. Our families have known each other for a long time now, and I have known him more as a friend than a co-star.”

She then continued by saying “Dabangg is what made me realise what my true calling is. I never thought I would end up being an actor till Salman told me that I am doing this film. But from day one on set, I knew this is where I belong. So the franchise is like a homecoming for me,”

She then also talked about the fear of being type-casted as Rajjo. She said “Not at all! End of the day it was my first film and I take it in a positive stride that I made that kind of an impact on some. I have been lucky enough to have worked on films from different genres enhancing my experience.”

‘Dabangg’ was an action film starring Salman Khan, Sonakshi, Sonu Sood and Arbaaz Khan. It was directed by Abhinav Singh Kashyap and produced by Arbaaz Khan productions. The film came out in 2010.

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