Throwback to the time when Honey singh said “shalini is always right and knows evrything”

Shalini Singh w/o Honey Singh had lodged complaints against the rapper for domestic abuse

Playback singer and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has now been convicted of domestic violence by his lady Shalini, previously discussed his relationship with her. For the past ten years, the rapper has been wedded to Shalini. Shalini was presented to the public in 2014 via his reality programme India’s Raw Talent.

Whereas the couple’s participation on the program garnered news, it was also claimed that Shalini assisted Yo Yo Honey Singh in dealing with cold feet at the time of the shooting. As per a report published by a media outlet, Honey was anxious the day before the premiere of India’s Raw Talent and declined to film unless Shalini was present.

Soon Shalini emerged, she escorted him back to the studio, where he filmed the programme after a four-hour postponement. Honey informed the media outlet after the event, “She is my buddy, and I will always listen to her no matter what since today I realised she is incredibly important and always right about anything and everything.”
As per ANI, Shalini lodged a complaint against the rapper at Delhi’s Tis Hazari court on Monday, charging him of domestic abuse. She said Hirdesh Singh ( rapper’s real name), his parents, and his younger sister exposed her to “many episodes of physical assault, verbal abuse, mental abuse, and emotional abuse.”

She said that the couple’s disagreements started on their honeymoon. When she questioned him about it, he became aloof and even slapped her.
Honey Singh has also been charged of drunkenness and infidelity by Shalini. She claimed that the singer had ‘casual intercourse with numerous women’ and that he’d deny to bring her on his singing performances. He allegedly quit wearing his wedding ring, implying that diamonds are unlucky for him. Shalini and Honey tied the knot on January 23, 2011.

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