Throwback: When Kareena Kapoor opens up about Karishma Kapoor’s struggles

An old interview of Kareena Kapoor talking about Karishma Kapoor’s struggles has resurfaced.

An old interview of Kareena Kapoor has resurfaced, in which she talks about her elder sister Karishama Kapoor’s struggle and how it effected her.

She said “I have seen my sister sit up for nights together with my mother and cry, saying that people are putting her down and that she would never make it. I would hide behind and watch because they would never want me to see the pain they were going through. I’ve seen too much,”

She then continued by saying “As a child, I have seen a lot with my mother, my sister. I have lived their lives with them, gone through their traumas. I think I have seen my sister cry for nights together to go to sleep when she was struggling. And that hurts me. Anything that hurts my loved ones hurts me. That’s what makes me the person I am.”

She was then asked if that scared her for being an actor and she disagreed. She said “Not at all. It made me so strong. If I may say so, I feel like a man. I can take on anything in the world. Any amount of pain, any amount of people trying to put me down. I would fight that because I have seen my mother and my sister go through that struggle and I am ready for that.”

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