Twitter users trends #ArrestYuvikaChoudhary for using offensive word in her vlog

#arrestYuvikaChoudhary has been viral on twitter after her video in which she uses an offensive term goes viral.

Yuvika Choudhary and Prince Narula make a lovely couple who keeps posting videos and Vlogs for their fans. However, their recent video has not gone right with the audience and now there are tweets captioned #arrestYuvikaChoudhary all over the place.

The video shows Prince sitting for a hair cut and Yuvika taking a clip of the same for her Vlog through the means of a mirror. The cute banter of the couple has now turned into a controversy after the audience found it offensive of the celebrity to use the word ‘Bh**gi’ in her sentence. History is an evidence to the termination of the term ‘Bh**gi’ which is often an offensive remark to oppressed members of the caste system. Even after the demise of the caste hierarch, people often tend to use the term as a slang in their day to day language. In view of this, a twitter user shared the clip on his tweet and demanded for the arrest of Yuvika under section 153A of the IPC which is a cognizable and non-bailable offense.

The comment section of this tweet have been flooded with hate towards Yuvika. People have even gone to say that this tweet now calls for an apology soon. While others mocked the clip, there was a user who commented about the word not being used for the first time but rather the second time in mainstream media.

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