Vidya Balan reminiscences walking from Marine Drive to Bandra when she was angry

Vidya in a recent chat gave an insight into her journey to the Bollywood

Vidya Balan recalls once going from Marine Drive to Bandra because she was ‘mad’ and couldn’t think clearly. She was ‘mad’ at the constant rejection, according to the actor.
Vidya Balan was questioned if the tale is real in an interview, and she confirmed it is, but it only happened once. Vidya stated stated walking helps her to calm her thoughts.
She stated to a media outlet called Bollywood Bubble, “I did that once when I was furious. In the sweltering summer heat, I walked from Marine Drive to Bandra. I hadn’t even realised it. I was simply walking. I would do it for fitness now, but I did it that day because… I didn’t know where I was going.”

She went on, “When I can’t think clearly, I find that going for a stroll helps to clear my head. I don’t believe I noticed I was walking that day. I wasn’t thirsty or hungry; I was simply irritated. I just continued walking till I realised, ‘Oh my God, I’ve arrived at Bandra.'”
When questioned about the frequent rejections, Vidya responded that ‘maybe’ she wasn’t ‘ready for success,’ but rather ‘prepared for it.’ She also recounted being called to as a jinxed person and having to endure derogatory comments concerning her looks, which shattered her self-esteem and culminated in a six-month period in which she did not look in the mirror.

Vidya Balan began acting in 1995 with the tv show Hum Paanch. She attempted her fortune in the south prior to making her big-screen debut in 2003 with the Bengali film Bhalo Theko. Parineeta, her first Hindi film, was released in 2005.
When asked how she copes with pullbacks, Vidya told, “I suppose I am hopelessly optimistic.  Even when I was going through a lot of rejection down south in 2002-03, I used to weep myself to sleep. I used to think I’d never be able to make it as an actor.”

And next morning, I’d wake up feeling… The sunrise, I believe, was enough to give me hope. I knew if I made it to another morning, it meant I had another opportunity. So, I don’t think it mattered what I was going through. “I’ve always been optimistic, and I have to thank my parents for that,” she concluded.

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