Weekend romance for Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin; watch video

Couple from the reality show, Aly and Jasmin have been setting serious couple goals on Instagram. Have a look.

When you are in love, you become expressive and begin approaching thing in a very cheerful and positive way. While there is so much of talk about the façade of the entertainment industry, couples who have moved out of the Bigg Boss house have lived up to their promises and continue to care for their pairs even out side the house.

Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin has strengthened their bond and bridged over their differences in the show itself and now it’s just time for them to live up to their words and make each other happy. Their romance had reached it’s peak in the show when Aly even mentioned about proposing Jasmin for marriage and speculated how her parents would react to the proposal.

While fans have been looking forwards to the couple getting married soon, Aly and Jasmin have been setting couple goals on their Instagram. They recently posted a cozy, cuddly video together celebrating the weekend feeling. The video is surely a melodramatic affair for Aly which Jasmin just makes a cute face on camera. Rizwan Anwar’s Laiyan Laiyan plays in the background of the video and Aly has humorously captioned the picture as, “Ve main lutti gayi.” Fans enjoy watching the couple engage in content like this!

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