When Alia Bhatt says “Kanya Maan she’s emphasising the need of treating women with respect in a country,” Anand, Bijay

Alia Bhatt appears resplendent as a bride in her state-of-the-art wedding ceremony advertisement, however her communicate promoting ‘Kanya maan’ and wondering the Hindu lifestyle of ‘Kanyadaan’ has now no longer long past down properly with a few. Netizens had been divided over the commercial, which provided a sparkling angle at the age-antique lifestyle of gifting away ladies at weddings as part of a ritual called ‘Kanya daan’.

Here’s how Bijay Anand, who performs Alia Bhatt’s father Expressing that the actors should not be blamed for the script, he said: “As actors, we hope the management, writing and production departments do the right thing and don’t drag us into controversy. I am not an expert on the subject, therefore, they should keep in mind the relevance and correctness of the argument.

Besides, everyone has their own interpretation of things. There are hundreds scholars who have their own opinion on every subject. If we’re so smart, then we should have been scientists.In the commercial, Alia Bhatt’s individual promoted the concept of respecting girls and advised that the ritual be called ‘Kanya Maan’, which actually way honouring her, in preference to donating to her to the groom’s own circle of relatives all through a marriage ritual as part of the ritual called ‘Kanya Daan’.

Kangana Ranaut had additionally slammed the commercial, writing, “Stop mocking Hindus and their rituals….”Sharing his mind at the same, Bijay opined, “For anyone to provide it a colour, it’s miles very easy. If we’re going to begin communalising everything, we’re most effective spreading hatred”.

Extending aid to Alia, he added, “I’m most effective because Alia is a Muslim girl, while she is saying ‘Kanya Maan’, for me, she is emphasising the want to admire ladies in a rustic wherein ladies have become raped each seven minutes! Why do not you have a take a observe the truth that she is saying ‘kanya ka maan karo (admire ladies)’. Again, it’s miles your choice; I’m now no longer blaming everybody for it, however we want to take into account that hatred will most effective provide upward push to extra hatred.

In the bigger picture, whilst you make a large deal approximately small things, it It’s a young girl and she says something the director told her, but you’re going to go in there and troll her. I feel like we, the actors, are the softer targets, especially the girls. Ultimately, hatred spreads hatred and love spreads love ”.

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