‘Woman VS Wild’ says Sunny Leone sharing a funny video of her struggling to kill a cockroach, see husband Daniel’s reaction

Sunny Leone shared a hilarious video of her and her husband tackling a cockroach.

Sunny Leone often takes it to Instagram to share funny videos of herself. On Wednesday, she shared a ROFL video of her and her husband, Daniel Weber struggling to kill a flying cockroach.

In the clip, it is the actress vs the cockroach in a room and the way she tries to get rid of the cockroach will leave you in splits. However, nothing beats the epic reaction of Sunny’s scared husband Daniel Weber after the cockroach flies near him.


Sunny Leone can be seen trying to hit the cockroach with a shoe with Daniel by her side. However, when the actress tried to chase away the inject, it flew towards Daniel after which he jumped with fright. This scene cracked Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber’s friends, who were also in the room, up.

Daniel jumped from one corner of the room to another, trying to shrug off the cockroach. He went on to remove his jacket and shook his T-shirt, hoping that the insect would fall. The person behind the camera tried to convince him and Sunny Leone that the insect had indeed fallen on the floor.

Sharing the video Sunny wrote, “Woman Vs Wild (Flying cockroach version). Wait for the end to see Mr. Weber in action. PS: No cockroaches were harmed during the filming of this video. It was Damn too fast for us.” LOL

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