Zohaeb Farooqui to Debut in OTT series ‘Avinash Inspector’, alongside Randeep Hooda 

Zohaeb Farooqui, who is poised to make his debut in a web series starring Randeep Hooda, recently revealed his thoughts on acting on an OTT platform. He has also stated his admiration for various Bollywood stars.

Zohaeb Farooqui, who made his debut with the online series Inspector Avinash, is the new boy in the town to follow. “Like any newcomer, I auditioned for Inspector Avinash. You won’t get opportunities unless you start knocking on doors,” he adds.

The online series was announced very recently this year, and Randeep Hooda will star in it. Now that debutante Zohaeb will be featured in a crucial role in the series, he has expressed his enthusiasm over his OTT debut.




In the web series starring Randeep, Zohaeb would be seen playing a college student from Uttar Pradesh. “It has a good story. It is based on a police officer’s life story. We had a great time filming it in different areas of India, and I’m sure the audience will like it as well,” adds the actor, whose name’s meaning is “gold.” He admits that he has received several praises for his name everywhere he goes. The youthful debutante also discussed the recent surge in OTT platforms.
He adds, “I believe the OTT explosion is absolutely wonderful.” He is pleased, to begin with, OTT that is humming with fascinating material and gaining public attention. It’s a complete game-changer, especially in these trying times. Since the pandemic, OTT has grown in popularity, and with the following lockdown, everyone began viewing more OTT because they couldn’t get out much, and theatres were shut too. The range of stuff available on OTT is great. Under one roof, there are stories from all around the world. I watch a lot of OTT material myself. I eat, drink, and sleep, and I watch movies…”


In Bollywood, Zohaeb finds inspiration in the form of good performers who are each distinctive in their way of acting and the roles they perform. “The Khans, whether Salman, Shah Rukh, or Aamir Khan. Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor all have distinct strengths that cannot be matched. They are all people I admire and look up to. In our profession, I believe that more than looking beautiful, you must be charismatic, honest, and send forth positive vibes, which should show in your personality,” he adds.


Whistling Woods International provided him with professional acting training. According to Zohaeb, the experience there has been wonderful since one learns numerous technicalities as well as the art form. On being asked what he would have done if he hadn’t been an actor, he said, “I never thought about it.  Since I was a youngster, I’ve wanted to be an actor. When you are certain about your plan A, I believe you should not have a plan B. I’ve always seen myself doing nothing but acting.”


Speaking about how the outbreak has altered his perspective. He continues, “It calmed me down, and I began to appreciate my own company. It has also made me realize what I require and desire. It has allowed me to recognize my true friends and taught me the importance of prioritizing. I am a more responsible person and a more career-oriented person today than I was before,” he concludes.

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